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Crest Ridge Saddlery starts with expert saddle fitting to produce the best saddle, saddle pad and tack for your horse or mule. Our approach is the same regardless if you are riding a gaited horse, stock horse, draft horse or mule.  You form a unique combination with your equine.  Each saddle is built to order using your measurements.  A master saddle fitter uses your measurements to select which one of our 19 different trees will provide the best fit for your equine partner and advise you which of our models work best with that tree.  Since each saddle is built to order, you also have the opportunity to have your saddle customized at a surprisingly affordable cost. Instructions on how to measure your horse can be found by clicking on the "How-To Measure Your Horse" link found in the banner on every page.

We design and produce all of our saddles, tack, and saddle pads here in the United States. We provide you exceptional value by combining saddle fitting, top-of-the-line materials, everything custom built by Amish master craftsman, outstanding customer service, and the reasonable prices possible with a family owned and operated business. We stand behind our products and guarantee saddle fit and the quality of our tack. We welcome your visit and thank you for considering Crest Ridge Saddlery for all of your saddle, tack, and saddle pad needs.

Some of our products:
Introducing the Crest Ridge Sidesaddles

It's here! In conjunction with the American Sidesaddle Association,  the Crest Ridge Saddlery Legacy and Frontier Sidesaddle that are now available! The base price of this beauty is $2,340. The side pouch adds $59.00 and the conchos $10 each. The Legacy features a balance strap and an open sleeve skirt that allows for flocking or shimming to provide an axcellent saddle fit for your horse. Send us photos of your horse and measurements according to our Sidesaddle Fitting page so we can set the saddle up to fit the horse.  We also recommend you use the  American Sidesaddle Association's measuring and fitting instructions to select the proper seat size.
We are doing site maintenance.  We apologize if the website is periodically unavailable.

Crest Ridge Saddlery is planning more road trips.  If you would like to participate post your City and State below and someone will contact you. The cost for a stop is $75.00 per horse towards fuel and lodging.  We will have most of our saddles on board the trailer for you to see and sit in and all of our trees on board to do a bare tree fit! So spread the word so that we can make this happen!!

"Good to see you today! You have done an AMAZING job fitting my guy with a great saddle about a year ago and then solving the fitting problem that arose because he went on a diet and successfully lost weight. That meant the saddle didn't fit the same but you solved the problem from a distance without having to see him in person. Result? Saddle fits great again. Happy horse = happy rider. You really mean it when you say you stand behind your work and guarantee it."  Lorraine S. April 21, 2017

Our 2016 Christmas Photo Contest Winner 

Lisa Wolters and her Percheron Bucyrus
Pictures from our customers:

How we can best help you get a saddle that fits you and your horse:

  • Start with "How to Measure" your horse

  • Send us your photographs and measurements
  • We will contact you and let you know which saddles(s) will work the best
  • You select the saddle, options, pad, tack and accessories
  • We build to your order
  • When you receive your saddle, "Check the Fit" and contact us
  • We will advise you on how we assess the fit and make suggestions on how to get an even better fit
  • We guarantee the fit to YOUR satisfaction duing the trial period.

We attend shows and events around the country.  Come visit us.  We provide free professional saddle fitting iat many of these shows and can often arrange to meet you along our route if you can't make the show.

Crest Ridge Saddlery will be at the following events:

Subject to change.

Come visit us!

JuneOH, MN, WI, IN, IL, IA, and MO
We are filling up another swing through the midwest.  Call 417-644-0091 to be added to the route.
Mid June Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan
Call 417-644-0091 to be added to the route.
We are always on the lookout for good venues. Drop us an email if there are shows or organized trail rides where we can present saddle fitting clinics.

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